Oh, How Time Flies!

Wow!  Please excuse our neglect to update this blog!  Things have been crazy around here for both of us!  What has happened since our last blog…

Final Exams

Moving home for summer

Vacations for Fort Myers, Florida and New York City

Summer jobs have started

Wedding Decor Projects

Bridal shower

Ring sizing

Wedding dress fitting #1


Can you tell we have been busy?  No excuses for this long without a post, but can we get a break this once please?  :)

Okay, now you can have some details on that list!  Zach and I both took our finals and did well on (more…)

Our Wedding Bands

Well, the wedding band purchases have been made!  That’s right!  And we are both really excited about them.  We have been “window shopping” for a while now, but we have now made our purchases.  Zach has known that he wanted a tungsten ring – they are so durable.  They don’t scratch easily, don’t bend, and they can be cut off in an emergency.  Also a plus, they are very affordable!!  Zach also knew that he wanted something a little more modern than a basic band but something that he would still like in 30 years.  So, after store and magazine browsing, he had a pretty good idea of what ring he was looking for.  We were just having a hard time finding it.  However, as we were “window shopping” at Kay Jewelers in (more…)

Trip to the Windy City

One full assessment, one nurses’ note, one self-evaluation, one formal paper, and one pharmacology exam.  What are all these things you ask?  All things that were due/held on Monday.  What did we do instead of work on them over the weekend?  We, with my roommate and her boyfriend, took a road trip to Chicago on Saturday!  And, it was totally worth it!! We started out the day about 8 am, getting to Chicago about 10 am (There was an hour time change, don’t worry mom.  We didn’t speed.  No, not us.)  The first thing we did was check out the Buckingham Fountain, which wasn’t on.  Then, we headed to Millenium Park, with the awesome bean!! (Be sure to check out some pictures below.  More will be added to our gallery eventually!)  Then, we walked downtown.  Did some window shopping.  Then, took the L to Navy Pier.  We really (more…)

Easter and Some Unexpected Efficiency

Happy Easter!  I hope that everyone got a chance to worship the Lord today and thank Him for His sacrifice.  I know that I need to do a better job of remembering His sacrifice daily.  I’m so unworthy, but still He loves me.

Zach and I just got back to West Lafayette from being home for Easter weekend.  We had a good weekend!  Once we got home, we just hung out with my family for the night.  Then, Saturday, we went out to Camp Illiana (where the reception will be) to see how we could arrange all of the tables to fit!  Krista and her brother Michael came out to help as well. :)   That was good, because we determined we can fit enough and still have the set up we want!  Later in the afternoon, Luke talked my parents into going down to Evansville.  So, the four of us – Mom, Dad, Luke, and me (Wow, our family sounds so small now!) loaded up and were on our way!  We went to Hobby Lobby first and got things purchased that we didn’t even expect to!  Like this box… Which I will end up doing something like this with…

We also picked up some letters for another project I found online… And finally, I found some vases for the sand ceremony we are going to do (Thanks, Courtney!)..  I can’t find their picture anywhere online, so I guess you’ll just have to be surprised at the wedding.  :)   Anyways, we ended up getting things accomplished that we didn’t expect to.  A lot of our wedding is going to be DIY.  So, I am constantly surfing the internet and magazines for ideas.  I would love, love, love it if you sent me any unique/creative/cute DIY projects you have in mind or come across.  With my mom (who can make anything happen) and myself, we are going to have a lot of crafty projects to get done!

Shoes, Shopping, Shoots, and more…

Rachael and I went to Indianapolis on Saturday to cheer on our Alma Mater, the Washington Hatchets, as they battled through for another 3A state title at the State Finals. The boys played a great game against the big boys of Gary Wallace, making it a very fun game to watch. We were glad we got to spend the day with family and friends and sort of “feel like kids again.” We ate lunch downtown at the Hard Rock Cafe and sat beside some really drunk Loogootee Fans (not really sure why they were there). While we were there, Rachael stumbled upon some shoes that she loved and later decided (more…)