To all you google traffic people

Hi, I’ve been looking at the analytics for our site and it appears as though most of the people that visit our site find us on google searching for weddings or recipes. If you’re one of these people; Welcome to our site. Having a green and black and white wedding? take a look at our [...]

Be On The Lookout!

That’s right. I, Rachael Rodimel, have decided that it is time I start blogging again. We have been married for almost a year, and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. I have decided that I need to get back into updating this thing so I will always have it to look back [...]

Our First Christmas Card

Well, it is that time of year! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, spending lots of time with friends and family! We came home on Sunday afternoon, and our tree is already put together and decorated. I could not wait any longer! Now, the rest of the house is another story… there is still work to [...]

Catching Up… Again.

When we started this blog, we had high expectations. Once this blog got going, we I blamed the lack of commitment on being busy with school and wedding plans. When summer began, I blamed my continued lack of devotion on wedding plans. Well, spring semester, summer vacation and work, wedding plans, the wedding, the honeymoon, [...]

We’re Back!

First of all, thank you all SO much for making our wedding day so special! We both agree that we felt extremely loved and blessed all day long. Thank you for making it a perfect day loaded with lots of fun! Okay, those of you who don’t know, I did not know where we were [...]