Some of you may be meeting one of us, or both of us, for the first time. We’ve put together a little bit about each of us for you to read.

The Bride: Rachael Lauren Raymond

Rachael was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, but moved to Washington, Indiana at the young age of six.  She graduated from Washington High School in 2008.  Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Purdue University.  The plan is to then attend graduate school and receive her masters degree to become a nurse practitioner.  Rachael  currently lives in Twin Pines Cooperative on campus where she puts in a lot of her time.  She also has a part time job at the campus preschool. Her passions in life are to, first and foremost, use her life for the Lord in whatever way He provides, to be a loving wife, a mother (of as many as God and Zach will allow), and make a great nurse.

Rachael enjoys: spending time with Zach, scrapbooking, reading (things other than textbooks, of course), taking naps, planning events, being creative, shopping (a hobby which must come to a crashing halt), traveling, and laying on the beach!

The Groom: Zachary Thomas Rodimel

Zach was born and raised in Washington, Indiana. He currently lives in West Lafayette, Indiana and goes to Purdue University. He is a junior in the College of Technology majoring in Computer Graphics Technology and minoring in Computer Information Technology. He hopes to someday obtain a job in the Advertising Industry as a Creative Director or to become a Web Designer. Currently, Zach works as a graphic/web designer for the College of Technology at Purdue University and in his free time does freelance design work through web, print, and logo design. Zach has a heart for missions and would one day like to use his talents in the technology field to serve.

Zach enjoys: being with Rachael, researching new web trends and technologies, doing design work, snowboarding, kayaking, fishing, camping, hanging out with friends, and all kinds of other “geeky” stuff.