Our First PlaceWhen we started this blog, we had high expectations. Once this blog got going, we I blamed the lack of commitment on being busy with school and wedding plans. When summer began, I blamed my continued lack of devotion on wedding plans. Well, spring semester, summer vacation and work, wedding plans, the wedding, the honeymoon, and moving into our apartment have all come and gone. I believe my husband, poor guy, sees this lacking, sparsely updated blog as a dilemma that needs to be solved. Guess what? That’s just in time for the school year to begin again. {Wow, where does the time go?} So, you will soon be seeing a
renovation to our site. Don’t worry, we will still have a blog (for those of you who like to know what we are up to), but it will not be on the main page of the site! There will be some sort of link to it, what that looks like will depend what Zach does with it!

Enough of that. What is life like now? So far, so good! We have moved into our apartment, and are all settled in! We both still tell each other everyday how blessed we are and that yes, this is real life. Our apartment is a two bedroom, one bath apartment. It is about 10 minutes from campus. After we searched and searched for apartments {with a pretty lofty wishlist}, we decided to give up location a little bit to have a lower price with more room. You would be amazed at what some of the apartments on campus cost! Anyways, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. For Zach, it was an easy adjustment. He’s always lived off campus. However, it’s been quite an adjustment for me. The past two years, I’ve woken up 15 minutes before class. Now, I have to wake up at least an hour before! And for those of you who know me well, this is QUITE a feat in the early morning. But, all drama aside, I have adjusted. Our location is more of the residential side of Lafayette. Wal-Mart, grocery stores, the bank, restaurants, the mall, etc. are all within five to ten minutes of us! The location definitely gives us more of the “married” feel than the “student” feel which is what we wanted! Be sure to check out the pictures of our place! We feel very at home, and we LOVE having weekend visitors … so just let us know when you are coming! :)

As I said before, school has started again. Zach loves all of his classes, once again. I love seeing how excited he gets about his “geeky, computer stuff.” I will say, there have been times that I’ve been a little envious of all that time he has to spend on the computer. What?! I just enjoy spending time with him! My classes are going well so far. The Lord knew what He was doing when He placed me in classes. This whole year is probably going to be the toughest of my undergrad nursing classes, but I absolutely adore my professors. They make waking up before 6am somewhat manageable. I have a med-surg clinical in Indianapolis at St. Vincent on Mondays, and I have a psych clinical at Logansport State Hospital on Fridays. I am looking forward to both experiences this semester. Zach is still doing web design for the College of Technology here at Purdue, and I am back at the Child Development Laboratory Preschool here on campus. I work with two-year-olds, and I love it! It is awesome to see the children learning and exploring new things and heartbreaking to see the trauma of mom leaving them for the afternoon. {No worries, it definitely does NOT make me want to have children anywhere in the near future!}

Life is good here at the Rodimel home. God continues to bless us daily, and we continue to need Him daily. We both feel we’ve adjusted to married life pretty well. There has been accounts of those hidden expectations popping up, but we’ve managed them pretty well. When you think about getting married, you think that you will get to spend plenty of time with that person as often as you would like. Weird how that is not the case at all. With busy class and work schedules, we are still adjusting to fitting in homework, friends, and time alone together. Zach has been awesome at being understanding and gentle with my crazy emotions and has dished out lots of compliments on every meal. Yes, even those chicken tenders and potato wedges! hehe. I am so blessed to have such a handsome, caring, God-loving man as my husband.

P.S. So far, so good on the cooking. I decided that I’m really not a bad cook, I just don’t know what to cook! So, if you have ideas for what to cook for dinner, will you PLEASE upload them to our recipes? Just go back to the home page and you will see a recipes tab at the top. We have already been using recipes that others have uploaded. It is really simple to put them in. If you do, thank you so much!! :)

Hope you have an awesome Labor Day Weekend. If you think about it, say a prayer for our sister Hannah. She is getting wisdom teeth out in the morning!