Wow!  Please excuse our neglect to update this blog!  Things have been crazy around here for both of us!  What has happened since our last blog…

Final Exams

Moving home for summer

Vacations for Fort Myers, Florida and New York City

Summer jobs have started

Wedding Decor Projects

Bridal shower

Ring sizing

Wedding dress fitting #1


Can you tell we have been busy?  No excuses for this long without a post, but can we get a break this once please?  :)

Okay, now you can have some details on that list!  Zach and I both took our finals and did well on them.  My mom had come up with the van the week before finals and took home a lot of my things.  Due to finals Saturday being the same day as prom, the Rodimels were just a tad busy.  So, they went up and got all of Zach’s things the next weekend.  I must say, it was sad leaving Twin Pines (the cooperative house I lived in at school) knowing that I would not be living there again.  Obviously, I am beyond excited to be sharing my life and living arrangements with Zach next year, but the girls in that house have become like sisters to me!  Anyways, the week after finals, my mom and I went down to Fort Myers, Florida for a week.  We had a good time.  We relaxed, soaked up some sun, and got a LOT of wedding planning done.  We nailed down a budget, made a list of our priorities and projects, and made the pocketfolds for the invitations (DIY tutorial to be posted soon!).  It was a great trip!  (Thank you again Rodimels and Stallmans for letting us use your condo!) While we were gone, Zach started his summer job working on computers for Washington Community Schools.  Once again, he loves it!  Once we got back, I started helping out at camp in the office.  Starting tomorrow, I will be working as a CNA at the hospital here in town.  I am really excited about it!  We are both enjoying our summer, but staying PLENTY busy.  We did get to enjoy a vacation with Dirk, Mary, and Hannah to the Big Apple at the very beginning of June.  We went to Coney Island, saw a couple Broadway plays/musicals, and of course sightseeing and shopping!  We both had a really good time.  (Zach will add a few pictures at the bottom of this post.)

What has the rest of the time since we’ve posted consisted of? That would be wedding, wedding, wedding!! Whew, the table runners are made, the invitations are sent, our rings have been sized and are ready to go, and I had a fitting to get my dress altered.  The biggest accomplishment was by far the invitations!  It feels wonderful to have those sent out.  My bridesmaids and some of the ladies from New Hope did host a bridal shower for Zach and me.  It was so nice.  Everything was perfect!  Thank you so much for all of the love, support, and your generosity.  It really does mean so much to Zach and me!!  And with that, I’m back to writing those thank-you cards! ;)

Love you all,